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Our Alaska attorneys have racked up some big wins for clients and have been involved in some of the most influential cases in state history. Click below to read about some of our most notable successes.

K.M. Personal Injury

Our client, a male in his early 20’s, was sleeping in his friend’s car. His friend started driving without waking him up. It was winter and the roads were filled with snow. While approaching the highway, the driver was unable to stop and continued over the side of a 6-8 foot drop off. Our client was not wearing his seatbelt and was thrown around in the small car. He sustained significant back injuries, but with this injury he continued to try and find work. Through negotiations, our office was able to obtain a $100,000 settlement to help our client recover enough money to not only recover medically, but also to start his education to learn a new career that didn’t involve so much manual labor and stress on his injured back.

2018 – State v. Minor Child

Our very young client was charged with five felonies, stripped from his parents, and taken to jail based on the bare allegations of his classmates. Through extensive discovery and investigation, we determined that a tight knit group of individuals and family members had banded together to make false claims. The State was ultimately forced to dismiss all of the charges in the face of our demand for a jury trial.

2018 – State v. B.R.

Our client was charged with DUI after being pulled over for not using his turn signal on an empty road. Despite a solid performance on the roadside “tests”, the police took him to the breath machine where he blew over the limit. The prosecutor refused to reduce or dismiss the charges and so we took the case to trial. Under a blistering cross-examination the State’s own expert had to admit that the procedures that were used in the breath testing did not meet scientifically established standards and the jury hung. The prosecutor offered a reduced charge and our client walked away with no DUI on his record.

2018 – In the Matter of O.O.

Our client was not identified as a father when the State removed a child. Once he was identified the State drug their feet and tried to place barriers in the way of getting this child home to her dad. By ensuring he was recognized as the father and taking an aggressive litigation position, we were able to get the child home where she belonged.

2018 – State v. J.H.

Our client was charged with a domestic violence assault in the fourth degree after his long-time partner and the mother of his children falsely accused him of shoving her. We were able to show the jury that she was in fact the aggressor and was using the criminal justice system to gain an advantage in child custody. The jury saw through her story and quickly returned a not guilty verdict.


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