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Divorce is stressful, and with complicated divorce laws and so much on the line, you don’t want to put your future at risk. Whether you are divorcing due to irreconcilable differences or domestic abuse, and whether you have kids and assets or no common property at all, 907 Legal will fight for a fair outcome!


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Proven success in Alaska courtrooms on the Kenai Peninsula and beyond















907 Legal has helped thousands of Alaskans fight for custody and fair treatment during divorce proceedings. Don’t take a chance on an untested legal team when your rights and assets are at stake.

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Award-winning legal representation


Over 50 years of legal expertise in your corner


Proven success in Alaska courtrooms on the Peninsula and beyond

Notable cases

2018 – In the Matter of O.O.

Our client was not identified as a father when the State removed a child. Once he was identified the State drug their feet and tried to place barriers in the way of getting this child home to her dad. By ensuring he was recognized as the father and taking an aggressive litigation position, we were able to get the child home where she belonged.

2017 – In the Matter of Z.I.

Our client’s ability to parent had been impeded by the appointment of a guardian for her children that our client did not agree with. When we got involved, we were able to demonstrate to the court that the continued order would violate our client’s constitutional rights and convince the court to undo its guardianship.

I was wrongly accused by a state institution…When representatives of the state institution opted to play hardball, Josh knocked it out of the park.

Amazing service – best lawyers on the Peninsula!

Divorce & Custody FAQs

How much will my divorce cost?

The cost of your divorce will depend entirely on the existence and amount of property, child custody issues, financial entanglement, and more than anything on how much you agree or disagree with the other party. At 907 Legal we work to identify the areas of agreement so that we can find common ground to resolve your case quickly and minimize time spent in court.

Do I have to pay spousal support?

You may. Spousal support and other “interim issues” are typically handled immediately after the complaint for divorce is filed. An adverse ruling on spousal support and interim issues can set the tone for the entire divorce and have major and lasting impacts on the parties. For this reason, it is imperative to seek experienced counsel that can control the narrative and ensure that the litigation isn’t skewed from the outset.

Can I lose custody of my kids?

Possibly. Allegations of domestic violence, a spouse determined to leave the area with the children and a host of other factors may lead to your having limited or no custody of your children. It is incredibly important to fight these allegations and to establish interim custody rights early in the case – our team at 907 Legal can help you navigate these often treacherous waters.

Will my spouse get alimony from me?

No, Alaska does not have alimony, however, there is a possibility that you may have to pay rehabilitative support which can be confused with alimony. Our team at 907 Legal can give you a good idea whether this will be an issue in your case and can help you limit the amount and duration of support.

Do you have free consultations?

Due to the unique conflict of interest issues that arise in family law cases, we are not able to offer free consultations. Our attorneys WILL however ensure that you leave your consultation armed with the information you need to make an informed decision about how to move forward.

What if my divorce is contested?

Ehrhardt, Elsner, & Cooley are highly skilled and experienced in litigating divorce cases and obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our entire team has extensive experience fighting contested cases in the courts and can provide advice and counsel both inside the courtroom and out.

I want a collaborative divorce, how does that work?

Our attorneys can help you draft the necessary documents to obtain your divorce quickly and cost effectively with limited court appearances. We can help you fill out the necessary documents or draft them for you – your involvement in the process is entirely up to you and your comfort level.

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Peter R. Ehrhardt

Attorney at Law

Peter graduated from the University of Minnesota law school in 1980. He moved to Alaska the same year and began working for a small personal injury firm in Bethel. He founded 907 Legal to meet growing demand on the Kenai Peninsula.


Katie A. Elsner

Attorney at Law

After graduating cum laude from Northwestern Law, Katie continued developing her practice at the Miami Dade Public Defender’s Office and then with Alaska Legal Services and as a contract attorney on the Peninsula.


Josh B. Cooley

Attorney at Law

Josh shaped his practice in Miami, where in his first year he received the Statewide Public Defender College Best Advocate Award. In less than five years, he moved from the Juvenile and Misdemeanor Crimes Divisions to being an “A” Felony Attorney.

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Peter R. Ehrhardt

Peter Ehrhardt, Attorney at Law, graduated from the University of Minnesota law school in 1980. He moved to Alaska that same year and began working for a small personal injury firm in Bethel, Alaska. In 1983, Mr. Ehrhardt moved to Sitka, Alaska, and worked for a small general practice firm there. In 1984, Mr. Ehrhardt moved to Kenai, Alaska, where he resides today.

In 2002, Peter started a Kenai law firm to meet growing demand on the Kenai Peninsula. Since then, the office has expanded to include three local attorneys committed to providing honest, accommodating, and timely service throughout the Kenai Peninsula. Peter continues to fight for his clients’ rights and support the staff to this day.

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Fax: (907) 283-2896
Email: katie@907legal.com

Katie A. Elsner

Katie completed her undergraduate education in 2004 at New York University where she graduated cum laude. Katie then went on to the prestigious Northwestern University School of Law. It was here that Katie learned, while working on death penalty cases, that the client is the most important focus in each and every case.

After graduating cum laude from Northwestern Law, she continued developing her practice at the Miami Dade Public Defender’s Office. During her five years in Miami, she represented thousands of adult and juvenile clients charged with misdemeanor offenses, like DUI and assault, to life felonies, including homicide and sexual assault. She was a founding member of the Task Force on Forensic Litigation and received national attention when she was featured on an episode of the A&E TV show ‘After the First 48’ where she successfully convinced a judge to dismiss her client’s murder case.

Having grown up in the mountains of Colorado, Katie ultimately decided to leave Miami for the scenery and seasons for which Alaska is so well known. Since arriving in the Kenai area, she has worked for Alaska Legal Services, where she expanded her practice to include civil litigation in areas such as divorce and custody, child in need of aid, probate, protective proceedings and estates and later provided the same services as a contract attorney at Walton, Theiler & Winegarden. From attacking eye-witness identifications and the forensic sciences to resolving a family dispute, Katie is adept at litigating the particular issues involved in your criminal or civil case. With experience trying dozens of jury and non-jury trials, negotiating hundreds of case resolutions, and taking thousands of depositions, Katie is a vigorous advocate who will fight for you.

Phone: (907) 283-2876
Fax: (907) 283-2896
Email: josh@907legal.com

Josh B. Cooley

Josh Cooley, Attorney at Law, graduated from the The George Washington University Law Center in Washington, D.C. While in Law School, Mr. Cooley fell in love with criminal defense and Alaska while interning at the Alaska Public Defender Office here in Kenai.

Immediately after graduating, however, Mr. Cooley set out to shape his criminal defense and litigation practice in one of the biggest and busiest markets in the country: Miami. In his first year, he received the Statewide Public Defender College Best Advocate Award. In less than five years, Mr. Cooley moved from the Juvenile and Misdemeanor Crimes Divisions to being an “A” Felony Attorney handling only murder, attempted murder, armed robbery with a firearm, and “capital” sexual battery cases. Those first four years of Mr. Cooley’s practice helped shape him into the seasoned, aggressive, and strategic litigator that he is today.

Mr. Cooley has conducted over 1,000 depositions and defended more than 50 cases at trial. Mr. Cooley has defended clients charged with crimes including: murder, attempted murder, DUI, armed robbery, theft, burglary, home invasion robbery, mortgage fraud, possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, fleeing and eluding, drug possession, distribution, and trafficking, assault, sexual assault, and all manner of domestic violence allegations. While in Miami, Mr. Cooley was a founding member of the “Task Force on Forensic Litigation,” and conducted presentations and training to attorneys on how to defend against weapons and drug charges.

Peter’s Cases of Note


Peter was a member of the plaintiffs’ trial team which obtained a $5 billion verdict in the Exxon Valdez litigation. For his work on that case, Mr. Ehrhardt, as a member of the trial team, received the 1995 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, a national organization of trial lawyers.


Peter was co-council in Re: Glacier Bay, a class action arising out of a 1987 oil spill in upper Cook Inlet which resulted in a $51 million settlement.


Peter and a very small team of lawyers aggressively researched and challenged the odds to win the fight against the pollution causing factory in the early 90’s.

Katie’s Cases of Note


Mr. Sosa-Palma was accused of murdering his brother. If convicted, he would have spent the rest of his life in prison. By challenging and attacking the forensic, medical, and crime scene evidence, Katie was able to successfully convince the judge that, despite the State’s theory of the case, Mr. Sosa-Palma was acting in self-defense. When the Judge granted Mr. Sosa-Palma’s request for immunity under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, Mr. Sosa-Palma’s murder charge was dismissed and he was released from jail.


Successfully challenged a CSSD administrative child support order leading to the reversal of tens of thousands of accrued child support arrearages, invalidating an administrative driver’s license suspension for non-payment of support and securing a dismissal of criminal charges for driving while his license was suspended.


Prevailed on a theory of equitable rescission at trial resulting in the client keeping sole possession of all of the property acquired during the marriage without having to divide anything with his former spouse.


Challenged the constitutionality of Florida’s controlled substance laws and obtained a court order on behalf of over 30 defendants finding the statutory scheme unconstitutional and dismissing their cases. Although a stay was entered and the trial court reversed on appeal, the cases were able to resolve with negotiated resolutions that avoided felony convictions and lengthy prisons sentences for the defendants.

Josh’s Cases of Note


T.D., a juvenile, was charged with multiple sexual assault charges carrying mandatory minimum penalties upwards of 20 years per charge. Mr. Cooley was able, through the use of an expert and pretrial management, to provide substantial mitigating evidence to the District Attorney. In the end, T.D.’s case was handled in juvenile court and he was placed on probation, avoiding a lengthy adult prison sentence and a lifetime of sex offender registration.


Hyatt was charged with assaulting his wife with a kitchen knife. Mr. Cooley vigorously prepared the case for trial and presented his defense through cross examination of the State witnesses. At the conclusion of the State’s evidence Mr. Cooley was able to convince the Judge that no reasonable juror could find Mr. Hyatt guilty and the Judge dismissed the case.

The State, upset at having the assault thrown out, then sought to charge Mr. Hyatt with a DUI from an accident nearly a year prior. Mr. Cooley prepared legal briefing and filed it with the Court, arguing that too much time had passed to pursue the DUI. The State was eventually forced to dismiss the DUI as well.


Hensel was charged with Felony Driving Under the Influence after being contacted in the driver seat of a truck stuck in the snow near Kasilof: he faced a minimum sentence of 3 years. At a pretrial hearing, Mr. Cooley was able to elicit testimony from the officer that conflicted with his prior reports and helped to show that Mr. Hensel had not in fact been driving or in physical control of the truck. Mr. Cooley was able to use these newly uncovered facts to convince the District Attorney to drop the charges.


Whitaker was charged with two counts of Murder in the shooting death of two individuals outside of a Chili’s restaurant in Miami. Through the use of expert witnesses and tireless preparation, Mr. Cooley was able to present evidence at a pretrial hearing that Whitaker had acted in self-defense. The Trial Court refused to grant Whitaker immunity from prosecution, but the Court of Appeals was persuaded by the evidence Cooley put forth in the hearing and granted Whitaker immunity from prosecution.

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