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General Litigation

When a legal dispute disrupts your professional or business life, having an experienced legal team in your corner can bring comfort and peace of mind. 907 Legal represents Alaska businesses, families, and individuals in a variety of general civil litigation areas, including:


  • Divorce
  • Evictions
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Business disputes
  • Contract disputes


Our civil litigation attorneys have litigated in state and federal courts, U.S. Court of Appeals, and a variety of administrative tribunals and arbitration hearings. We aggressively prepare each case, taking the time to understand your goals and desired outcomes.


If you think you require litigation representation, contact us to set up a no-risk consultation. One of our experienced litigation attorneys will review the facts, discuss your options, and when appropriate, aggressively prosecute your claim.

Whether your claim is large or small, we can help turn your litigation problem into a solution.


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Litigation FAQs

What is litigation?

Litigation refers to a cases that are determined through the court process. Though a case might be routed through the court process because it is high-conflict, but litigation doesn’t always have to involve a contest. Many parties are able to resolve their cases without a trial with the assistance of attorneys who act as dispute resolution consultants or settlement counsel. These attorneys can work cooperatively – even in a litigated case – to reach settlement by agreement.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is a dispute between two or more entities that does not involve criminal sanctions. Most frequently, the remedy sought in civil litigation is money or a judgment that requires one party to do something or to stop doing something. Many types of cases can involve civil litigation, including landlord – tenant issues, accidents, breach of contract cases, discrimination cases, business disputes, and medical malpractice. The civil litigation attorneys at 907 Legal handle all of these types of litigation and more.

How do I know if litigation is right for me?

Generally, people try to avoid litigation. It can be time consuming, emotionally draining, and unpredictable. However, not everyone can settle their differences without court intervention or a judge’s input. So whether litigation is a client’s first choice, last resort, or if it is used in conjunction with out-of-court processes like mediation, there really is no one size fits all when it comes to deciding which process is best for you.


For this reason, consulting with civil litigation attorneys is important. Sitting down for your free consult with one of our litigation attorneys will generally give you a good idea about the facts of the case and your legal options so that you can make an informed decision about how you want to proceed.

How is litigation different than out-of-court processes like mediation?

Out of court processes like collaborative law and mediation are closed processes that are confidential. Litigation is the opposite. In addition, with litigation there is less control over the process and outcome – everything is left to a judge or jury to decide. That said, there are many litigated cases where the civil litigation attorneys and the parties are cooperative and are able to avoid trial and resolve the case by agreement. Civil litigation attorneys who are able to accomplish this often have training in collaborative law and mediation.