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Our Kenai defense attorneys are award-winning defenders of individuals and businesses charged with crimes in Alaska. Let our Alaska criminal defense team help defend your rights. If you are charged with a crime, your freedom could be at stake. You may feel like you have nowhere to turn and that your legal options are limited. You may feel pressured to plead to a deal without knowing the full consequences, or you might settle for an outcome that is less favorable than you deserve. Call for a free consult with one of our Alaska criminal defense attorneys to ensure that your rights are protected.


We are located in Kenai, but our attorneys have provided quality defense to clients all over Alaska. From Bethel to Seldovia, from serious felony cases to first-time misdemeanor charges, our proven team will aggressively fight for your rights.

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Alaska Criminal Defense Success Stories

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STATE V. T.D. (2016)


T.D., a juvenile, was charged with multiple sexual assault charges carrying mandatory minimum penalties upwards of 20 years per charge. Mr. Cooley was able, through the use of an expert and pretrial management, to provide substantial mitigating evidence to the District Attorney. In the end, T.D.’s case was handled in juvenile court and he was placed on probation, avoiding a lengthy adult prison sentence and a lifetime of sex offender registration.



Hyatt was charged with assaulting his wife with a kitchen knife. Mr. Cooley vigorously prepared the case for trial and presented his defense through cross examination of the State witnesses. At the conclusion of the State’s evidence Mr. Cooley was able to convince the Judge that no reasonable juror could find Mr. Hyatt guilty and the Judge dismissed the case.


The State, upset at having the assault thrown out, then sought to charge Mr. Hyatt with a DUI from an accident nearly a year prior. Mr. Cooley prepared legal briefing and filed it with the Court, arguing that too much time had passed to pursue the DUI. The State was eventually forced to dismiss the DUI as well.



Hensel was charged with Felony Driving Under the Influence after being contacted in the driver seat of a truck stuck in the snow near Kasilof: he faced a minimum sentence of 3 years. At a pretrial hearing, Mr. Cooley was able to elicit testimony from the officer that conflicted with his prior reports and helped to show that Mr. Hensel had not in fact been driving or in physical control of the truck. Mr. Cooley was able to use these newly uncovered facts to convince the District Attorney to drop the charges.



Whitaker was charged with two counts of murder in the shooting death of two individuals outside of a Chili’s restaurant in Miami. Through the use of expert witnesses and tireless preparation, Mr. Cooley was able to present evidence at a pretrial hearing that Whitaker had acted in self-defense. The Trial Court refused to grant Whitaker immunity from prosecution, but the Court of Appeals was persuaded by the evidence Cooley put forth in the hearing and granted Whitaker immunity from prosecution.

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Arrested for Drunk Driving?

here’s what you need to know

if you’re pulled over…

Request to call your lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, request to call a relative or friend. Request a phone call before giving a breath sample!

Don’t talk yourself into more trouble. The officer is not Buddy Bob there to rehash the night with. IT CAN (AND WILL) BE USED AGAINST YOU!

Don’t perform a field sobriety test.

You’re already talking again. Stop.

Request a phone call again. But be polite. The officer is doing his job. All you need now is a charge of resisting arrest.

Be prepared to post at least $500 bail if arrested.

Call a lawyer BEFORE arraignment (i.e. your first court hearing).

Don’t drink and drive!

drunk driving facts

Your license will be revoked within 7 days of being arrested for drunk driving, unless you contest the loss of driving privileges with the DMV.

The DMV-estimated average cost of your first DUI is $24,265.


Most employers (hint: oil industry/North Slope) will terminate an employee convicted of DUI in Alaska.

There are no expungement laws in Alaska to remove DUI, DWI, DWLR, OWL, or even SIS convictions.

If you refuse a breath test under suspicion of DUI, you could face additional charges.

You can refuse a field sobriety test.

If you are convicted, you will do at least 72 hours in custody and will face both court and DMV action.

Criminal Defense FAQs

What is the difference between a civil offense and a criminal offense?

The difference between a civil and criminal offense is generally defined by the nature of the offense and the type of punishment levied. Civil offenses usually come from violations of administrative matters. One common example of a civil violation is contempt of court. For example, if one parent is ordered to pay child support but doesn’t make any attempt at payment, the other parent can move for contempt sanctions. The non-paying parent’s failure to pay child support is a civil or administrative dispute, not a violation of a criminal statute.


A criminal offense, on the other hand, arises from the violation of a local, state, or federal statute. Punishment can involve a fine, arrest, or jail, depending on the circumstances of the case and the subject’s criminal history.

If I am innocent, why do I need a lawyer?

Innocent people get accused of committing crimes, and people who may have committed one crime often get accused of committing additional, more serious crimes. The accused have a constitutional right to counsel, and it is always advisable to seek the expertise — whether you are innocent, guilty, or somewhere in between — of an Alaska criminal defense team to learn about the accusation, discuss it in detail, and develop a strategy for responding to the charge.

What does 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ mean?

Beyond a reasonable doubt is the legal standard that the prosecution must meet in order to successfully find a criminal defendant guilty of a crime. This standard applies to each element of the crime.